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I have never won the Sunday Express General Knowledge Crossword, but I enjoy doing it anyway. So much so that I have written a Java program to help me solve it. On the left are screen shots of it running on Windows. Below are shots of it running on Mac os x.

The basic idea is that I keep a database of old crossword answers which can be searched, since some words have often come up before.

The current database contains over ten years worth of old crosswords.

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General Knowledge Crossword Picture 3

Download (Windows) 374 k
cross.dmg.gz (Mac) 353 k
cross.tar.gz (Linux) 185 k

This software can also be used to help solve the Crusader and his Squire. I may add other crosswords. If you have questions or suggestions, please tell me.

You need Java version 1.4 or higher to use this software. Your version should appear on the left.

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Cosoxword is an extended version of this software which can be used to help compile as well as solve crosswords.

If you're interested in general knowledge, you might also be interested in my quiz program.

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